Should You Be Doing Kegels?
Do you know how to do a kegel correctly? 
(Hint: there's more to them than just "squeezing your vagina")
Are kegels even for you?

Have you ever been told that you should be doing kegels?
Did anyone teach you how, or assess your pelvic floor to see if they're what you need?
Are you prone to leakage? Or scared of laughing because you'll likely pee a bit?
Take Our Kegel IQ Assessment To Find Out What Your Kegel IQ Is, 
And If Kegels Are Right For Your Situation!
Whether you're pregnant, in menopause, raising little ones, OR you've never even given birth before, you can use this assessment to find out your Kegel IQ and whether or not kegels are right for YOU.

There are about 10 questions, and should take you no more than two minutes. ☺︎
What stage of life are you in?
I'm pregnant
I'm not currently pregnant and I am raising young children
I am not currently pregnant and I am approaching menopause
I am beyond post menopausal
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